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Consumer Directed Personal Assistant
Title:Consumer Directed Personal Assistant
Location:Erie County / Niagara County
The Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistant is a person who, under the direction  of the consumer or their representative, provides  assistance with nutritional and environmental support as an extension of self-directed patients.

Education and Experience:
•    Able to follow the directions 
•    Able to provide personal and other environmental care to the directing consumer.
•    Is able to read, write, understand and carryout directions or instructions, record messages and to keep simple records.
•    Sympathetic attitude toward providing services for consumers at home who home medical problems.
•    Access to utilization of public or private transportation system.
•    Is able to use the telephone, good communication skills.
•    Functions independently with minimal supervision from the consumer.
•    Ability to move intermittently throughout the work day, inclusive of sitting, standing and bending, pushing, pulling or moving objects and consumer
•    Ability to relate to and work the various personality styles, ill, disabled and elderly.
•    Read, write and communicate in English.
•    Maturity, emotional and mental stability.
•    Experience in personal care or homemaking.

•    Plan, purchase, prepare and serve basic diets.
•    Assist with care of teeth and mouth.
•    Assist with grooming – care of hair, including shampoo, shaving, the ordinary care of nails and general skin care.
•    Assist with bathing consumer in bed, tub or shower.
•    Assist consumer with eating.
•    Assist consumer with dressing.
•    Maintain safe environment.
•    Arrange schedule so that the consumer follows medical recommendations such as increased physical activity.
•    Report changes in the patient’s needs and conditions to the supervising nurse.
•    Keep simple records.
•    Perform incidental household tasks essential to the patient’s health needs, such as: 
-     Light housekeeping.
-    Making and changing beds.
-    Dusting, vacuuming and mopping the rooms used by patient.
-    Dishwashing.
-    Tidying kitchen.
-    Tidying bedroom.
-    Tidying bathroom.
-    Listing needed supplies.
-    Shopping for patient if no other arrangement possible.
-    Personal laundry of consumer if no family member able or available; this may include ironing and mending.
-    Sending linen to laundry.
•    Record consumer care activities daily.
•    Prioritize work/care tasks to ensure all duties and patient visits are completed as assigned.
•    Utilizes universal precautions and infection control techniques as necessary.

•   Consumer
•   Consumer's representative
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